Spread Your Wings to Help End Polarization in America

What will be your Braver Angles Flight path?

How will you get started in supporting Braver Angels mission?  There are many possible flight paths, but the sequence below can help you get off the ground.


These easy, low-risk steps are a great way to get started.

o Listen to the Braver Way podcast

o Watch Braver Angels videos

o Explore the Braver Angels website

o Participate in your Alliance’s monthly Zoom calls

o Register for the Depolarizing Within workshop


When you’re ready to start buzzing in bigger circles.

o  Start with a Red/Blue workshop

o Take part in a Living Room Conversation event

o Tune into or register to be part of a Braver Angels Debate

o Experience a BA Town Hall


Now you’re ready to flash some real color on the BA landscape.

o Give prepared talks at local organizations or houses of faith 

o Lead Living Room Conversations in your neighborhood

o Give presentations at local schools and colleges

o Work with others on media publicity or newsletters

o Maintain our BA presence on social media and email campaigns


“Patience, be damned. I’m going to go out and lead something!”

o Organizer,

o Moderator,

o Zoom Event Manager (ZEM), or

o Debate Whip.

o Join a team producing a BA Volunteers’ Retreat

o Help maintain our state’s BA website

o Co-host Washington’s bi-monthly Welcome Social

o Develop creative marketing of events and Braver Angels activities through website, email, and other social media

o Recruit and mentor volunteers

o Be a tech lead - be the wizard behind the screen for Zoom meetings

o There are even more possible volunteer roles - large, medium and small. Just ask about something you have in mind


Flying high and soaring with other leaders.


Please contact us to learn more and explore what might be just right as your next step.