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January 2023 Coordinator’s Corner

Jan 9, 2023

Dear fellow Braver Angels of Washington, 

Here we are in a new year full of new possibilities for Braver Angels in Washington State and throughout our country.  With the power balance changes in Congress resulting from November's mid-term election shaping up, we each have a new opportunity to engage in conversations of curiosity with our family, neighbors and co-workers of every stripe. Using a classic Braver Angels approach, especially when speaking with someone we might easily "other", let's find out how they think about specific issues of concern to us all. Let's soak up as much as we can about what brought them to think that way (regardless of whether we do/do not agree). By respectfully enabling them to feel heard and, as much as possible, understood, they just might return the favor when you ask if you can share your own thoughts.

Wouldn't it be great if by such small steps we actually began seeing evidence of a shift in our country's political polarization? We might work Braver Angels out of a job yet!

- Sharmin Banu, WA State Coordinator