How to Rise for America

Braver Angels has a new national campaign for civic renewal - Rise for America. It was launched because the toxic level of polarization is compromising the foundations upon which our country was built, undermining our institutions and driving Americans apart. 

As one of our co-founders David Blankenhorn said, "American elites today are too implicated in the structures and mindsets of polarization to do much to change it, unless they are awakened and guided by 'We the People.'" The Braver Angels Rise for America campaign is working to meet the moment and empower everyday citizens to take action. Learn the different ways you can take action here.

Braver Angels has a new version of its "Depolarizing Within" workshop, and we're making it easier than ever to sign up -- and to sign up your group!  

Registering as a group for a Depolarizing Within workshop offers many benefits to participants who are interested in bridging political and ideological divides.  A group setting allows participants to witness and practice effective communication and listening skills within their own social or professional circle. Consider a shared learning experience for your group. 

Take Your Group

After you take action, take a pledge.

Washington State Braver Angels has a simple way for you to pledge your commitment. It's a pledge about having respectful conversations in the Braver Angels way, avoiding stereotyping and exaggeration. Take the "Refuse to be a Jerk" pledge.

We’ll be able to see our numbers grow as more and more people take the pledge and join the movement for civic renewal.

It's time to rise for America!