Pledge that you "Refuse to be a Jerk" 

Is it really possible to sum up the entire Braver Angels philosophy and all the important skills taught by Braver Angels in a five-word sentence? Probably not. But here's one attempt, “Refuse to be a jerk.”

As Braver Angels, we don’t want to sink into “jerkiness” – closemindedness, selfishness, and meanness. We want to Rise for America. We strive to have respectful conversations and work with fellow Americans to pull the country together.

Once you've learned Braver Angels Skills and you're ready to take the pledge, just click the button below. Your pledge will be recorded and you'll receive your unique pledge card. *

Take a stand and be counted with those who Rise for America!

I pledge to use the skills I have acquired through Braver Angels to have respectful discussions with other people -- to keep an open mind, and to respond to those with differing opinions in a respectful manner, without stereotyping or exaggeration.

In these discussions, I will not be a jerk.

* Privacy note: When you take the pledge, your name and email address will be recorded, but never shared outside of Braver Angels. Only the number of pledges will be made available.