Depolarizing Americans

 Red, Blue, and Other

Braver Angels brings together Red and Blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America. We welcome people with strong convictions and principles. We believe the best way to achieve a more perfect Union is by being forthright and transparent about our political leanings. In that spirit, we say to our fellow Americans, “Come with your convictions, your willingness to listen, and your readiness to talk with others who disagree with you.”

We also recognize that political beliefs are often complex. A person can belong to a party and not agree with that party’s positions on all issues or candidates. Similarly, one can belong to no party and yet have an overall leaning to the left or right. For instance, research shows that over a third of American voters are registered Independents. However, the vast majority of Independents say they still lean one way or the other: only 7 percent of American voters say they have no leaning either way (Pew 2019 report).

Braver Angels uses the terms “Red” and “Blue” to signify that a person may be inclined Red or Blue but not agree completely with that party’s candidates or positions on all issues.

We also recognize that some Americans don’t identify as leaning Red or Blue. We welcome those Others to join us in our mission of bringing together Red and Blue Americans to depolarize America.

In brief, here is the way we understand the terms Red, Blue, and Other:  


Voters who lean conservative philosophically on most issues (or on some issues critical to them), or who tend to vote for Republicans


Voters who lean liberal or progressive philosophically on most issues (or on some issues critical to them), or who tend to vote for Democrats


Voters who do not lean either Red or Blue